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Anti-collision UFO Flying Aircraft Ball

Anti-collision UFO Flying Aircraft Ball - Perfect Cart

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Anti-collision UFO Flying Aircraft Ball

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Anti-collision UFO Flying Aircraft Ball

This Anti-collision UFO Flying Aircraft Ball keeps your kids happy and ensures a unique and healthy play experience!

hand controlled flight


It is a fact that children  move little or nothing nowadays .
Your child would rather play games and watch videos on the phone instead of playing outside and moving more.

Your children will love the Mini Flying Drone. Improve the motor skills, health and communication of your child while he / she has hours of fun keeping this beautiful drone in the air!



Easy to use
The Mini Flying Drone is easy to use. All you have to do is just throw it in the air and it floats right away. When your kids are done playing, they just have to catch it and turn around.

Rechargeable via USB cable
Don't worry about how many batteries the Mini Flying Drone uses. It has a USB charging cable that you can charge via your computer, power adapter, telephone or power bank. The drone is fully charged in just 30 minutes.

Manually operated and no apps or gadgets
The drone needs no apps or extra gadgets to work. When your hand is close to the drone, it will fly in the opposite direction. It is a simple interactive toy that can give your children hours of fun without distraction from smartphones or tablets.

Strong and durable
The Mini Flying Drone is made of high-quality safe PP material, is flexible and has a strong impact resistance. You don't have to worry about it breaking quickly. It can withstand damage when it falls. It will not break quickly when children play rough with these toys.

360 degree sensor control with LED lighting
The drone has advanced LED infrared sensor hover technology, collision protection and inductive suspension. It has built-in gyroscopes control accuracy and balance sensitivity. It's great to play outside with the drone for more movement and interaction. When you play with the drone indoors, you don't have to worry that the drone will hit walls or vases in your house.

Great gift for your child
The Mini Flying Drone is 
 the  ideal  gift for your child's birthday or to surprise your child in a special and unique way.


Let your children move more and surprise your child with the unique Mini Flying Drone ™. Order the Mini Flying Drone now and enjoy it!

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  • USB rechargeable (no batteries required)
  • Flying time: 8-15 minutes
  • Material: high-quality PP material
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