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Waist Trainer Shapewear Compression Trimmer Belt

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This two-tier belt promotes sweating of the ENTIRE UPPER BODY to reduce water weight and inches. Double the Compression, Double the sweat, DOUBLE THE RESULTS! 

Can be worn during high-intensity workouts, cardio or all day for a visual slimming effect no matter the occasion.

  • No rolling
  • Covers entire midsection & upper body
  • sits comfortable past hips
  • Attached belt with hooks

Our Fitness Compression Waist Belt is made with 80% Neoprene & 20% Nylon. It  aims to give you maximum workout results. These materials combined will make you SWEAT more, BURN FAT and LOOSE INCHES ON YOUR WAIST LINE FASTER!

It aids in tightening and flattening your stomach. Gives you the perfect posture to tone your muscles, This Neoprene Compression belt increases thermal activity for accelerated fat burn and quicker results.  It creates compression in your core to stimulate thermal activity, burning more calories and loosing weight faster on your stomach and overall upper body. The gym waist trainer is both comfortable and efficient to guarantee the best results.

Why choose the Waist Trainer Shapewear Compression Trimmer Belt

• Carefully made with the highest quality control.

• Lose inches instantly, and more over time

• Increased thermal activity & Perfect for exercising or wearing at home or   underneath your clothes for any occasion.

• Stimulates perspiration for burning fat.

• Supports Posture and helps with back pain.


 80% Neoprene & 20% Nylon for increased sweating and fat burn. 

• 4 Flexible Steel Boned 

• Zipper & Hooks for absolute firmness. 

Available in size XS - 6XL

Contains Latex

 Sweat like the pro’s with the Waist Trainer Shapewear Compression Trimmer Belt!

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